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    The Impact of Distributed Generation and Microgrids on the Distribution Network

    Ron Chebra, Grid Automation Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric




    Integrating Legacy Switchgear in a Modern Grid

    Bassem Maurice, Feeder Automation Offer Manager, Schneider Electric




    A Weather-Readiness Assessment Model for Utilities to Deal with Weather Volatility

    Shylesh Muralidharan, Energy Product Manager - Weather Services,

    Schneider Electric




    Data Management and Analytics for Online Asset Health Monitoring

    Justin Thomas, Business Development Manager, InStep Software




    A Framework for Developing and Evaluating Utility Substation Cyber Security

    Adam Gauci, Cyber Security Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric




    Riel Substation: Taking Interoperability to the Next Level

    Claudio Anibal Rimada, Senior Engineering Manager, Schneider Electric




    Minimizing Energy Consumption While Meeting Pump Station Operational Constraints and Tracking Pump Health

    Perry Steger, President, Specific Energy

    Co-authored by Jeff Miller PE, ENV SP, Water Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric




    An Approach for Driving the Successful Adoption of a Smart Distribution Solution in an Electric Distribution Utility

    Joe Zerdin, Director of Smart Grid Development, Hydro One




    Advanced DMS in Theory and Practice

    Arthur Gonzalez Jr., Senior Power System Engineer, Austin Energy




    Mobile Work Management: What Do Utilities Dream Of?

    Darin Warke, GIS Supervisor, UniSource Energy Services

    Jon Fairchild, Technical Product Manager, Schneider Electric




    Determining the Benefits of Volt-VAR Optimization Projects: Case Studies of Different Methods Available

    Dragan Popovic, Executive Vice President Smart Grid IT, Schneider Electric




    Live Webcast: Engaging the Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Marketplace

    Rob Hazelbaker, Manager – Business Energy Advisors, Duke Energy

    Greg Thompson, General Manager – Utility Demand Side Management Solutions, Schneider Electric




    The Distribution Management System Network Model - The Cornerstone of Successful DMS Implementation

    Michael B. Johnson, P.E., Project Director, Duke Energy

    Thomas Christopher, Vice President, Smart Grid IT, Schneider Electric




    Case Study: Analyzing Synchrophasor Data for Improved Reliability

    Sean Gregerson, Director of Strategic Development, InStep Software




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